Your Guide to Getting The Best Deals on High End Appliances

Looking to get the best value on quality appliances? Our General Manager Julie Hale shares her tips on getting high quality appliances – without a high cost.

  1. The Benefit of Singular Branding

Singular branding refers to buying multiple items from the same brand, and it’s generally a benefit to both the manufacturer and to yourself. Manufacturers often provide instant promotions if you bundle appliances together into one purchase. You’ll also walk away with matching appliances that have the same look, same interface, and functionality. That will make using them a breeze and a win-win, for your home and your wallet.

  1. Timing is Everything

When year-end is approaching, that’s generally the best time to purchase appliances. For instance, Black Friday and Boxing Week are when manufacturers are most generous with their pricing. But what customers often don’t know is that prices can significantly increase after the holiday, around January and February – sometimes by as much as 8-15%. With that price increase, consumers can be paying as much as $750 more for the same appliance they would have purchased just a few months ago.

If the timing isn’t right for your budget, some stores will allow you to hold a sale item for a minimal down payment. For instance, at Edmonds, we only ask for 25% down, and your appliance will be held for you, at the discounted price, until you’re ready to pay in full and take it home. This is also a great option for those that are in the market to buy new appliances, but may be waiting on renovations or construction to be completed.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Appliances

If your current appliances are in great working condition, you may not see the cost-efficiency in purchasing a new appliance. However, the savings may be hiding in other areas – such as energy efficiency.

Most new products are extremely energy-efficient. They use 3-4 times less energy or water than older models. Some even have smart technology built in to sense the soil level on your dishes, or how much water it will take to clean a batch of sweaters. And, over time, that energy conservation will add up to significant savings on your utility bills. Some utility providers tend to provide incentive programs for customers who use less power. Check with your local utility provider to see if they provide energy rebate programs if you’re using energy-efficient products. Not only will you reduce your spending, but you’re also doing your part to help the environment.

  1. Clearance Can Still Be Elegant

People often stay clear of clearance products, thinking they are of lesser quality, or that they’re unattractive or have visible damage. But they may be missing out on a huge opportunity.

If there is any damage on clearance appliances, it’s usually slight. They may not even be damaged. At Edmonds, most of our ‘scratch and dent’ appliances were either used for a short-time as floor models in our pristine showroom, or in high-end presentation centres and show-homes around the town. Many of these appliances weren’t even used. To get more details on products that match your budget and lifestyle, visit a product specialist in store (link to contact page) at Edmonds Appliances. The non-commissioned sales staff will provide you with product info that fit your needs, as well as upcoming sales and promos for the deals available!

To get more details on products that are perfect for you, visit a product specialist in store at Edmonds Appliances. The non-commissioned sales staff will provide you with product info that fit your needs, as well as upcoming sales and promos for the deals available!