Tips To Freshen Up Your House For Spring

Although last week may have felt like summer, spring is still in full swing, and it’s a great time to wipe away some of the winter blues!

Here are some quick and simple ways to liven up your space for the spring. 

1) If you love cooking and having fresh herbs on hand, take advantage of that sunny kitchen window and place a few fun coloured pots with 4"-6" herb plants for your own mini in-house herb garden! 

2) Walls need a refreshing? Don't worry, you don't have to paint! Try taking down those photos that haven't been changed out in years and freshen things up with some new favorites. Social media is far too convenient these days and sometimes it can take away from remembering the days when we used to print photos and put them in albums. Do some "spring cleaning" on your smart phone and print out some of those beautiful, Instagram-worthy shots for your walls to give them a fresh look. 

3) Want some new furniture, but don't have the budget to completely refurnish your home? Try some simple changes like getting new covers for your throw pillows. Most retailers will sell just the pillow cover so you don't have to buy new inserts as well. New throw blankets and small decor pieces are other great ways to bring life back into your living space. No need to feel guilty about seasonal furnishing when it's easily convertible and affordable! 

Madeleine Schmidt

i[email protected]