BC Craft Beers

Some of Our Favorite BC Craft Beer Picks for the Summer Heat

Summertime is also beer time for many of us—between the sunny hikes, the windy beaches and even mowing the lawn, there’s a lot of thirst to quench. Water will do the trick, but what’s summertime without some sort of indulgence?

And with the growing craft beer scene in BC, there’s a lot to indulge in. Here are some of our top picks.

Golden Grains for Golden Afternoons

Pale, cloudy wheat-beers are traditional summer fare across northern Europe, and perfect with lemon or lime wedges. The extra acidity makes them especially thirst-quenching, and surprising flavour notes like banana and pineapple give you that fruit-punch note without the cloying sweetness. Granville Island’s Sunshine Coast Hefeweizen is just the thing, and Tree Brewing’s Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefeweizen is amazing—if you can find it. The hunt is part of the fun.

Pucker Up for Sour Beer

For more adventurous beer drinkers, traditional sour beers make good summertime accompaniments to juicy burgers and well-marbled steaks—the mild but distinct acid content clears the palate between bites. Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby make De Witte, a passionfruit-flavoured sour-brewed wheat-and-malt masterpiece that’s only available in summer. Four Winds’ Brewing Nectarous is downright tropical—you’d never guess it’s brewed in Delta.

Cool Off with Fruity Beers

Kids drink lemonade, grown-ups drink fruit beers—not so much to accompany food, but as sweet, light refreshments for the heat of the afternoon. Bomber Brewing on Vancouver’s East Side makes Park Life Passionfruit Ale, a bright, blonde ale just bitter enough to keep its balance, and full of sweet aroma.

Go one step further into the orchard, and try a radler—a blend of beer and juice at low alcohol content. Parallel 49’s Tricycle Radler combines a quality lager with red grapefruit juice for a dangerously delicious thirst quencher. 

Impress the Guests

To up the steaks – er, stakes – at a barbecue, you could serve a Belgian saison in champagne flutes. Four Winds brewing makes a spicy, floral, fruity saison that is a perfect aperitif. 

Or, if you want to surprise your friends with a less-well-known local treasure, try Hurricane IPA from Storm Brewing. Bursting with flavor, it’s a beautiful, balanced accompaniment to tomatoey meat dishes like barbecued chicken or pork.