How To Get A Designer Look At The Best Price

The beautiful kitchens found in our favourite home and décor magazines are often carefully chosen by designers, who seek out detail and select items with symmetry, balance and scale.

When choosing appliances, designers often select one brand to use throughout the kitchen to achieve a harmonious look. This is often referred to as “Singular Branding”.

Singular Branding provides the detail designers seek. Handles for each of the appliances are similar in design and are the proper weight and scale for the size of the appliance, giving them a balanced look. Colour tones and stainless steel grain are consistent throughout the kitchen to maintain visual symmetry. LED user controls and clocks are the same font, brightness and colour. These small details achieve the finish and balance that give each kitchen a professionally designed look.

As an added bonus, most manufacturers offer discounts when two or more pieces from a single brand are purchased at the same time.  While not all brands provide the best in class in every category, there are many that do offer beautiful design and great performance. 

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